Soda Lake

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Super Mario World Level
Soda Lake
Soda Lake.png
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 11, C6
Notes This is an underwarer level. It introduces Torpedo Teds and has many Blurps as well.
Cheese Bridge Area
Soda Lake
Star World 3
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Soda Lake is an underwater secret area reached by entering the secret Giant Gate of Cheese Bridge Area in the game Super Mario World.

To access this level, the player must use a Feather to glide their way over the first Giant Gate, or fall underneath it while riding a Yoshi to jump off, to reach an alternate Giant Gate, making it possible to access Soda Lake. Once the level is beaten, a path to Star Road opens.


  • Soda Lake is the only level in the game with the enemy Torpedo Ted.

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