Sniggerbobble's Nightmare: Randor's Inside Story

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Sniggerbobble's Nightmare: Randor's Inside Story
[[RiS Title Screen.png|250px]]


Chikane and Sniggerb0bble

Latest version

Demo (Lower Body)



Production status

Planning Upper Body


(CLOSED) C3 Thread


None. The last upload to the site was rejected by the hack mods.

Randor's Inside Story is a Super Mario World 1 ROM hack by Chikane and sniggerb0bble that's part of the Devious Four Chronicles.

This hack is based on Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and is effectively vorarephilia in hack form. While working on a new potion, Sniggerb0bble gets the formula wrong and shrinks himself. He then gets mixed up with some cookies just in time for Randor to walk in and eat them. Now Sniggerb0bble has to escape. His mission won't be easy since Randor is...well, being Randor.

All of the graphics in this hack were custom-made by the hackers.

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