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Snes9X (SNES Emulator)
Snes9X running Final Fantasy VI.

Use(s): Playing SNES games, testing ROM hacks
Developer(s): Various, including Gary Henderson and Jerremy Koot
Platform(s): Several, including Win32, Linux, and BSD
Latest Version: 1.53
License: Snes9x license ("semi-free" by GNU standards)
Home Page:
Download(s): 32-bit Windows (v1.51), Source (v1.51)

Snes9X is a popular SNES emulator. Along with ZSNES, these are the two most popular emulators of SMWC users. Snes9x is also the most popular emulator for TASers. TAS stand for Tool-Assisted Speedrun (or Tool-Assisted-Superplay.) For more info on TASes, visit this and this.

SNES9x's logo.


Development of Snes9x began in July of 1997 when Snes96's Gary Henderson and Snes97's Jerremy Koot merged their respective emulators to create Snes9X. Since then, Snes9X has been ported to more platforms than any other emulator, though most of these ports are not official branches. The emulator became open source under custom licensure in 1999. It is still being actively developed despite the departure of its original developers.

Snes9X is notable in that it was among the first to emulate most SNES enhancement chips at some level[citation needed], with the exception of the SPC7110. It was also the first SNES emulator to offer sound output.

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