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smkdan is currently a staff member from SMW Central. His current functions are to moderate, news, comments, tools, RAM and ROM map, and patches. He had joined SMW Central in 2007 and was promoted sometime in early 2008. Since talking about yourself in third person is pretty awkward, he's going to keep this short and simple.

Tools authored

All of these require 2.0 of the .NET framework at minimum.

  • Blocktool Super Deluxe - A block inserter that allows .asm files and gets rid of slowdown in hacks with many blocks.
  • SMWS - "Sample Tool". Replaces the original sound samples with custom ones from either another SPC or a .wav file. The linked one is the third revision of it.
  • slogger - Dumps freespace from a ROM to a textfile. It was meant to take out the human error in searching for free space to apply xkas patches. Should later be replaced with newer assemblers that automatically find space.

Patches authored


Sprites authored


If you have any bug reports / issues / questions about these then feel free to send a PM on the forums.

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