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SMW Central User #2863
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Username: Slash Man
Alias: Wolverine, Slash, Slashy, Surasshu, tam, tam6231990
Name: Juan/John
Join Date: Aug. 4, 2008
Age: 21
Birthdate: Jun. 23, 1990
Location: San Diego, California
Knows of: Porting music, ripping graphics, map16 assembly, OW editing
Known for: Staff Member, DKC soundtrack project, music porter

Slash Man is a staff member on SMWCentral. He has been hacking SMW since mid 2007 and then joined SMWC in August of 2008. This man chose the name Slash Man because of his love for Megaman, specifically Megaman 7. Also because of his Skype group of other robot masters, he thought Slash Man would fit him best because he is most like Wolverine...and the shortest. He had quite a few nicknames on #smwc (SMWCentral's IRC channel) such as Slashie, (for the lazy ones) Slash, the rare "Wolf Man", etc... His real name however is Juan, a Mexican-American born and raised in southern California.


On SMW Central

A few people who he considers friends:

...and many others.

Staff Promotion

Slash Man got promoted to staff by SNN on August 16, 2011 as a result to him helping out with the music section remoderation just a couple weeks prior. He, Atma and Camerin moderate the Music Porting forum.

Hacking Status

Slash Man is good at ripping graphics and working with Map16 data but has a mediocre level design habit. He knows his way around Lunar Magic enough to know how to work and understand gfx/exgfx/exanimation. His main strong point in actual hacking is still ripping graphics, both manually and with edit's tool. He can use YY-CHR with no problems whatsoever, as well as Sprite Tool and Block Tool. His overworld editing skills are good as well. He can make paths and events with ease as well as layer 1 design. He still considers himself a n00b because he is too impatient to learn ASM but someday wishes to overcome that dilemma.


Besides all the graphics and such, Slash Man's main interest in hacking SMW overall, is music due to the fact of being in band for 7 years. He caught on to porting SMW music fairly easy and he never uses tinymm. He composes songs every so often such as a few for SMWCentral's collab hack, Super Mario World Central Production 2. He has grown accustomed to Addmusic 4.05 and SMWS for his ports.

An SMW Central Production 2

Slash Man composed a couple of songs solely for SMWCentral's second collaboration hack installment which include...

Music Ports

Most of Slash Man's music ports today consist of Donkey Kong Country music. He has been sample porting these making them extremely identical to the originals with minor screw ups here and there. He mainly took on the task because he wanted to be challenged.

Some of which include:

Other ports consist of the various Sonic and Megaman song. He also at one point resequenced MIDIs for the rest of the music porting community to port.


Slash Man has quite a music collection, his computer contains approximately 98,800 songs in all. He likes virtually every type of music except Rap, he grew up with old school music, such as the music his parents grew up with like Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, Stevie Wonder and the occasional Reggae and Jazz song as well. His main focus is on real music, music played on actual instruments/Orchestrated mainly because of how relaxing it is, especially Classical music. He can play a small selection of musical instruments such as the E-flat Alto Saxophone, E-flat Baritone Saxophone, B-Flat Clarinet, B-flat Trumpet, Flute and Trombone. Slash Man's liking for Jazz music got him playing mainly the Saxophone when he started high school marching band.


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