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Secret exits are secondary exits in a level. They activate the event number of the level +1. So for example, if the normal exit activates event 14, then the secret exit will activate event 15.


First method to unlock a secret exit.
Second method to unlock a secret exit (When in LM it says "secret goal point").

There are four ways to do a secret exit:

  • One is using a key and a keyhole as in the picture on the left.
  • The second is using a secret goal point as in the picture on the right.
  • The third is to defeat sprite C5, the boss Boo, on Level 13 or a level connected to it. (Versions 1.64 and up of Lunar Magic let you change the level.) Or, you can make a custom boss that activates it.
  • The fourth is available only to users of Romi's Variable Width Font Cutscene Tool: End your conversation with [end=sgoal].


Levels marked with a red dot always contain a secret exit. Donut Ghost House, Donut Secret House, Forest Ghost House, and Valley Ghost House are exempt from this since they don't use normal level markers, and thus give no indication that they feature secret exits.

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