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Sagittaire (Sag)

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Basic user of Lunar Magic, experienced Doom hacker, ego is too big for his own self, SMWC brutal advice hermit.

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December 10

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Seemingly mean advice, basic SMW work, Doom hacking, egotism, forum game maker, former Moderator.

Sagittaire is a member of SMWC (User ID #1482), and an established regular among the community. Sagittaire joined the forums on 2008-02-20 06:00:58 PM


Sagittaire joined SMWCentral on February 20, 2008, as a young college student aiming to pick up SMW hacking as a hobby. After a while, he got to know the site, the available resources, and the community itself. Sagittaire (Or Sag, as he is commonly referred to), was a rather small blip on the radar community wise, but saw an opportunity to offer support as a potential moderator during the great SMWC Staff Applications of 2008. He was appointed to Talk and WoI moderator for about 4 months, helping to regulate any misdemeanors or ill behavior plaguing those subforums.

By August, he was demoted, along with fellow user A_Yoshi (Aquifier), for reasons unknown until this day (Sag claims it was all politics). Regardless, Sag decided to stick with the SMWC community, and has become a regular member, known for his "ego", harsh advice, and overall douchebag manner of acting.

Hack-wise, Sag has fluctuated between Lunar Magic, and DoomBuilder, being proficient in both. Sag is VERY well versed in Doom hacking, even going as far as intermediate ACS scripting and basic C++ tweaking. As for LM, he STILL can't get ExGFX to work...


As for personality, Sag is like a jock, but nicer. He played Lineman for his High School Football team, and Wrestled 4 years (Freshman year heavyweight, soph-senior 189-215lbs varsity). He can be likened to users such as Daboys and Slash_Man, who are also athletes in their own right. Sag tends to come across as very arrogant and rude, and most of his advice to users in the Reality Corner tends to be shed in that light. As a person, Sag cares for the people he gets to know, and can be quite emotional sometimes. He doesn't mess around when he speaks, and he says things as they are, which prompt others to get mad and chide him (Perhaps contributing to his demotion ages ago), but in the end, Sag sticks by what he believes. He wishes to become a stockbroker when he graduates and starts working in the real world, but anything could happen.


Sag has worked on 2 SMW hacks (And countless Doom hacks, but that's for another day).

The 1st was called "Apocalyptic Mario World". It sucked. Here's the link:

It was his first attempt at hacking. Apparently, he had a lot of "cutoff", and people didn't know if he was doing a Vanilla hack or not. That project is dead, and only exists for historical purposes (And proof he actually did more than just act like an egotistical dick on RC).

The 2nd is a work-in-progress titled "SMW 2.0" (Title may change). It will be a sort of "reinterpretation of SMW" according to Sag's influences of urban life, love of nature, appreciation for the fusion of machine and natural, and whatever other type of horseshit he can pull out of his noggin.

The thread is here:

He hopes to have it done in 6-7 months, but time can be pending. We'll see what happens.

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