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The SMW Freespace Logger (also known as Slogger) is a tool that is commonly used by SMW hackers to find freespace for patches into a ROM, and was created by smkdan. It lists the size, PC offset, and LoROM offset of each block of freespace. The tool can be downloaded here.

Using the Tool

Using the SMW Free Space Logger is very simple, as it uses a drag and drop method of opening a ROM. Simply grab the ROM with the cursor, and drop it on to slogger.exe. The program will then create a text file with the same name as your ROM. Inside this file will be a few peices of data:

  • The ROM size
  • A table of PC offsets, LoROM offsets, and their sizes.
  • The total number of bytes of free space.

When setting the freespace, use the LoROM offsets. Its usually best to select an offset with 0x8000 bytes of freespace.


Noobish Noobsicle's latest version of his Xkas GUI utility intends to make this utility obsolete, as it can automatically find free space and overwrite the appropriate location in your .ASM files with that free space. However, as described above, the SMW Freespace Logger can do a few things that XKAS GUI can't do.

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