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Super Mario World 1 Sample Utility (Music resampler)
Use(s): Makes your custom music sound more accurate by inserting samples from the source material.
Developer(s): smkdan
Platform(s): 32-bit Windows; requires .NET Framework
Latest Version: (uploaded April 25, 2010)
License: Proprietary
Home Page:
Download(s): For some odd reason, this one is listed as "SampleTool".

The Super Mario World 1 Sample Utility, popularly known as SMWS and officially known as SampleTool on SMW Central's Tools section, is a tool created by smkdan that allows you to make your custom music sound more accurate to the source material by changing the samples that Super Mario World uses. It does this on a per-level basis.

However, this utility doesn't work for everyone. Some users report glitches, a fact that smkdan himself admits even in the latest version. Addmusic M is a somewhat better alternative to this, though it is slightly less "noob-proof".

Reviews of this Utility

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