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The title screen.
A Screenshot of the opening of SMWCMon.
The route map for SMWCmon.

SMWCmon is a game primarily being made by Lucas, and is a parody of the Pokemon games. All slots in the SMWCdex have been filled, and new slots will only be opened if someone drops out; this is an unlikely event, so don't bank on it. The project as a whole still has a long way to go, though, and any help would be appreciated. The thread can be found here: [1]
As what usually happens with these sorts of things, Lucas has managed to get rather annoyed at some of the more idiotic suggestions. It should be mentioned that THIS IS NOT A HACK. That is all.

Various Info

Gym Leader Lineup

Leader Roy (Bug)

Leader Kyoseron (Ground)

Leader Ersanio (Grass)

Leader Tatrion (Water)

Leader Pikaguy (Electric)

Leader Icegoom (Ice)

Leader Katelynn (Fire)

Leader Raibys (Poison)

Elite Four Lineup

Elite Four Supertails (Flying)

Elite Four Pac (Fighting)

Elite Four Kieran (Ghost)

Elite Four Smallhacker (Dark)

Champion S.N.N. (Steel)

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