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Dispari Scuro

Also known as

Dispari, Dizzy



Knows of


Join date

October 5, 2008


November 11, 1984

Known For

Super Mario TKO, various sprites

Dispari Scuro is a user of SMW Central with the user ID 88. She's the most awesome user on the entire site. This is an objective fact.


Dispari's Backstory/History

Dispari joined SMWC originally after discovering Lunar Magic, after looking for a new community to infest. She learned the basic ins and outs of level design, but eventually moved on to blocks, sprites, and later ASM hacks. Dispari took assembly in college and decided to apply that knowledge to ROM hacking with the assistance of Schwa who showed her some of the ropes. Dispari was at one point a local moderator of the Advanced Hacking forum and ran the Sprite/Block Request Thread with a heavy fist. Dispari is usually not far from her best online friend and hacking partner, Heisanevilgenius, who has been assisting with Super Mario TKO since day one. Once real life got in the way, Dispari and her hacking partner Heisanevilgenius disappeared from the community. Dispari has recently resurfaced for unknown, and probably mischievous, reasons.

Before SMW hacking, Dispari and Heisanevilgenius worked in the Doom modding community on various projects. At that time they were known under the pseudonyms Nanami and Hyena, respectively.

Dispari's ROM Hacking Experience

Dispari has created only one hack, Super Mario TKO, which is allegedly an abandoned project based on a video upload on YouTube by her, indicating as such. She's also created (maybe too) popular sprites such as the NPC sprite and Mouser, among a few others. Dispari also does some sprite and graphic work. The only part of SMWC hacking she can't do is music. Her hacking partner Heisanevilgenius does all the music for Super Mario TKO, as well as levels and graphics.

Dispari's Other Projects

Dispari sometimes helps Heisanevilgenius with video game reviews and other things he demands.

Random Information About Dispari

  • Dispari is openly a male-to-female transsexual. She lives fulltime as a woman. And yes, she's adorable and has a sexy voice.
  • Dispari is also openly gay and has a girlfriend who is also very awesome.

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