SMW3: Yoshi's Island Forever

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SMW3: Yoshi's Island Forever
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Latest version

0.4 (Still no release)


54 confirmed, others TBA

Production status

Frozen till I can find its backup ;_;





SMW3: Yoshi's Island Forever is LudwigVonKoopa's hack.



Konja, a member of a peaceful Yoshi tribe, has recently found a wife and started a family when a slew of strange buildings and ships appear on the island and in the areas surrounding it. To figure out what they are, a group of male Yoshis, including Konja, set out to check the ships and buildings out.

They soon come across the first building, which seems to be a steel factory run by Iggy Koopa. They go through the facility soon noticing that the steel is coming from the nearby land. After defeating Iggy, they moved on to Wandering Woods, hoping find out more about these facilities.

After beating the woods and its castle, Cliffside Castle, they went to traverse through Mt. Volatile's molten innards to get to the next world, Pt. Verdant.

After getting through Mt. Volatile, they are taken to Pt. Verdant, and enormous beach with a small, elevated, grassy area. Despite its beauty, it is overlooked by the grim water refinery ruled by Roy. But there adventure doesn't end there...

Next they are taken to the lost, desolate Koopa Kingdom, home of the Koopa race. After advancing through the land, they notice that something has stripped the land of natural resources and has been covered with outposts and oil drills. In no time, they are already at Outpost Sigma, one of the largest of Bowser's outposts, located nearby what seems to an airship loading station. Upon entering, they hear an alert going out that says Bowser's starship, the Crushing Claw, is about ready to take off. Despite their speed, they are too late and are instead confronted by Wendy, who summons up enough energy after her defeat to warp the Yoshis to an abandoned island, where they find the wrecked Outpost Beta to take shelter in. In the outpost they discover that the Crushing Claw actually has the capability to travel back in time, a power Bowser intended to use to kill the Yoshi tribe during the War on Mt. Volatile so that the Koopa Kingdom would rule over the Mushroom Kingdom instead. They also find a Time Gate, which can also travel back in time, which they used to get to War on Mt. Volatile and destroy the Crushing Claw.

When they get to the past, they discover that the Yoshis are losing men quickly and decided to jump in and help defeat the forces on the mountain on their way to Outpost Epsilon, which was their only way onto the Crushing Claw. After traversing the outpost, they finally come across a ship to take them onboard.

They finally make it to the Front Deck, where they battle and defeat Bowser, thus saving the past!


The trivia is a lie.

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