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SMW2 3: The Essence Star is the third and final installment in the SMW2 series by Golden Yoshi. Unlike its two predecessors, SMW2 3 is a Super Mario World hack instead of a Yoshi's Island hack. Since the hack is connected to SMW2 2's storyline, the SMW2 3 title was added on.


Mario and all of his friends have been invited to a huge festival on Euphoria Island. The sender of the invitation also has a big favor to ask of Mario. So, Mario, Luigi, Peach, her trusty talking Parasol Perry, and all the Toads horde onto a ship to set sail for Euphoria Island.

As the gang are peacefully sailing to paradise, Mario checks up on all his friends on the ship including the captain. Mario sees the captain in a great panic, telling him that the ship has just been attacked, and it's only a matter of time before it sinks to the bottom of the sea! Mario soon runs into Peach, who informs him that everyone on the ship is escaping on emergency submarines. As Mario navigates a submarine closer to Euphoria Island, he begins to hear a familiar voice. Suddenly, out of the dark depths of the water comes the villainous Magikoopa himself, Kamek! He shamelessly boasts to Mario for sinking his ship, and did it all to prevent Mario from meeting up with his "old friend" on the island. Kamek lets him continue anyway, warning Mario that he will always be one step ahead of him...

Mario and co finally wash up on the shores of Euphoria Island. Upon arriving at Chateau D'Or, an opulent palace on this island, Mario meets face-to-face with the sender of the invitation...

...Golden Yoshi.


SMW2 3 consists of platformer and RPG gameplay elements. While there are classic side-scroller, action-packed levels, there are also calm areas with friendly characters to interact with. Also, the hack's involved storyline attributes to the RPG feel of the hack. In addition, you will encounter characters in numerous areas asking for help or favors, providing a variety of side missions.

Euphoria Island acts as the central hub of the hack. You can take part in the festival and visit the item shop, have your fortune told by Fawful, play the You vs. Boo minigame, and access bonus levels. There are also several characters that you are able to interact with to help you on your adventure.

Cast Of Characters

  • Mario: What would a Mario game be without the iconic Italian plumber?
  • Luigi: Mario's younger, and skittish, brother. A hero in his own right though.
  • Peach: Longtime friend and/or lover of Mario. Let's hope she stays out of danger in this one.
  • Perry: Peach's trusty talking parasol tags along in this adventure. As revealed in Super Princess Peach, he used to be a boy with strange powers, but was turned into an umbrella by an evil magician.
  • Professor Frankly: This wacky old Goomba from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door returns in this hack to provide some of his knowledge and research to Mario.
  • Francine: Professor Frankly's wife. Not seen in the hack, but heard. Apparently, the two have a very dysfunctional relationship.
  • Kamek: Just what could the Magikoopa be up to now?
  • Fawful: After his Bean 'n' Badge business went down the tubes, he found himself on Euphoria Island, starting "Fawful's Furious Fortunes."
  • Lady Bow: This female Boo now runs the You vs. Boo races on Euphoria Island.
  • Goombario: The energetic young Goomba is one of the attendees of the Euphoria Festival.
  • Golden Yoshi: The sender of the invitation, revealed at the Fall 2008 C3.

And more!


Complete list of levels in the demo:


  • Peach's Castle
  • Pleasant Path
  • Bon Voyage...Maybe

Euphoria Island

  • Land Ho!
  • Chateau D'Or
  • Euphoria Festival
  • Frankly's Villa
  • Toads' Help Center


  • Bundle Up!
  • Donut Be Careless!


  • Deserted
  • Quickand Quandary
  • Fire Bro


  • Feathered Funtime
  • Whack A Mole


  • Jungle Boogie
  • Swamp Fever


  • Beach Critters
  • Battleship Brawl

Bonus Levels

  • Food For Thought
  • Fawful's Funhouse

Screenshots And Videos




The demo was released on November 11, 2008. There will only be one demo of the hack. Given the way the hack's gameplay is set up, it would be impractical to release numerous demos.


The demo has received generally positive reviews, and has reached the highest-rated hack position at SMWC on numerous occasions. Main complaints included some of the ExGFX choices, as well as the items at the shop on Euphoria Island being too expensive, which Golden Yoshi hopes to address for the final release. The storyline, level design, and RPG elements have been considered the strongest points of the hack.


C3- Fall 2008

Judges' Votes

  • Best C3 Attendee- Bronze
  • Best Screenshots- Gold
  • Best Trailer- Bronze
  • Best Level Design- Gold
  • Most Creative- Gold

Crowd Favorites

  • Best Screenshots- Gold

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