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The Chronicle of SCORPION Saga is a saga inside The Devious Four Chronicles and contains SCORPION as the main villian. This saga contains three hacks, each hack following the other. The order is like this:

Mario: The Blackhole

Mario: The Blackhole - Part 2

The Chronicle of SCORPION

Plot Line

The main plot of this saga is tell the story of SCORPION in complete and utter detail. His existance, why he is here, and how he came to be. The plots of the hacks will be listed here, although shown below in better detail.


Black Hole - Part 1

The first hack in the saga is Mario: The Blackhole. (which is actually spelled "Mario: The Black Hole") In this hack, Mario is responsible for the release of SCORPION, who was rebuilt, and sealed inside his temple after his destruction in Mario: The Fourth Sector. A new (although temporary) member of the Four joins in and helps the Devious Four members to find and release SCORPION. This new member's name is Hiyoko. The remaining Devious Four send a note to Mario 1 year after meeting with Hiyoko. It tells him to go to the temple far east of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is signed "Peech". Eager for an adventure, Mario takes off. He finds the Temple and infiltrates it, only to find the remaining Devious Four somewhat peacefully lead him to SCORPION's seal, only fighting him near the end of their respective paths. Thanks to Mario's fights with the three remaining members, Hiyoko manages to collect enough energy to free SCORPION from his prison. SCORPION escapes from Mario and tells the other Devious Four and Hiyoko about his plan. Mario catches him, but gets frozen. After 4 years in an icy prison, Mario escapes and tracks down SCORPION. On the way, he discovers numerous (and chilling) things about SCORPION, and the other Devious Four Members. He meets an overly egotistic Sputnik. He discovers Hiyoko is one of the native inhabitants of Eternia Island. Mario also discovers the obscene, and unstable (yet beautiful) plasma world, and another source of SCORPION's power. Near the end, Mario discovers that SCORPION rebuilt his fleet and is already on his way to an unknown land that Hiyoko mentioned called Gensokyo. Mario travels through Retnuh's Clain and past a strange time manipulator to get to Gensokyo. Mario battles SCORPION one final time; however, this doesn't end him. At the end, Mario finds the unknown land called Gensokyo (from the Touhou project) and witnesses a kidnapping of the residence while reading thier version of the legend. The kidnapped (shown) are Alice Margatroid, Reimu Hakureil, and Sakuya Izayoi. There are also two other kidnapped, but not seen in the hack. The two kidnapped are Remilia Scarlet (not shown, but mentioned by Sakuya), and Flandre Scarlet, whom isn't mentioned at all. The other Touhou characters will not be shown due to 3 notable factors.

• Too hard to draw all.

• Most can't fit NPC tilemap. (which is 16x32)

• Too lazy to do it, and only enough room for 5 characters

Mario chases after SCORPION's Fleet back into the real world, but he discovers that SCORPION's influence over the Earth has finally taken it's toll, and has destroyed the lands. SCORPION's Fleet is no where to be seen.

Black Hole - Part 2

The second hack is a direct squeal of Mario: The Blackhole. When Mario set fourth into Gensokyo, he forgot to nab a device that was hidden in SCORPION's Time Table. (Regardless of the fact it has been mentioned four or five times) Turns out, instead of going back to his own time, he has been transported to a time many years away from where he belongs. The BHPG Hiyoko and the others were talking about is finished and is currently bombarding the planet. SCORPION had the device all along, and thanks to no interference, he has been able to complete his BHPG. Shortly after arriving, Mario meets some familiar faces, the Cedar Council. The BHPG needs so much energy that is eating away at the energy of every other dimension to power itself. The remaining Ceder have been trying to infiltrate a stronghold, (SCORPION's Mansion) which is the only entrance to the BHPG. Mario discovers he has to take out four generators; one at an ice cap, another deep in a forest, another in the sea, and the last in the Crater. Along his quest to take out the generators, he fights Hunter's/Retnuh's minions and also fights Sputnik, and his partner Dino Waryer. The plan that Hunter and Gyonsuki came up with quickly changes from converting SCORPION's army to a more elaborate plan made by the Sphere of Order. After taking out the generators, Mario goes through another dimensional doorway, and meets with the Sphere of Order. It tells him what exactly to do. Mario storms SCORPION's Mansion and heads to the BHPG, which is a Goliath sized space station. By following the plan, Mario endure the challenges of the Space Station, and commonly fights with Retnuh, Sniggerbobble, Randor, and others. Over the course of the Space Station, Randor, Sniggerbobble, Hunter/Retnuh's Minions, and Sputnik join with Mario after learning about SCORPION's true intentions. After a final fight with SCORPION, he quickly rebuilds himself and it known that he has become too power for niether Hunter, himself, or the Sphere of Order to defeat. The Sphere's plan fails, but Sniggerbobble has another idea. Sniggerbobble uses the combined power of all his partners (with the exception of Retnuh), the drones, and Sputnik to send Mario permanently into a dimensional gateway, the plasma world. Mario is now trapped, but Sniggerbobble told him to find the portal to the white zone he was in back at the BHPG Tower. He finds the portal, and soon he finds the beginning of SCORPION's life. SCORPION's seemingly undefended egg. Mario tries to kill it, but it protects itself from most known harm. After a struggling battle, Mario destroys the egg of SCORPION, and is sent back to the mushroom kingdom. The earth is as it was before, before SCORPION had even shown up. Everybody had forgotten about him, except for Retnuh. Sniggerbobble and Randor only retain faint and fading memories.

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