Roy's Castle

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Super Mario World Level
Roy's Castle
SMW RoyCastle.PNG
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 20, CC
Notes This is a Castle. And yes, its Roy's one, folks.
Roy's Castle
Forest of Illusion 3
Chocolate Island 1
List of Levels

Roy's Castle is the fifth castle in Super Mario World. It is found at the end of the Forest of Illusion, and can be accessed through the secret exit of Forest of Illusion 3. The castle includes an Eating Block that Mario and Luigi have to stay on to avoid the lava below.


You are welcomed with an Eating Block segment, which becomes the main focus of the castle. You are required to ride the Eating Block whilst regular and reflecting Podoboos fly around the room, attempting to damage the brothers and trying to make you jump off. Below you, there is a huge pool of lava, so it is not an option to fall off of the raft. At the end of the Eating Block part is a chamber with a spiked ceiling and floor. The same rules apply, ride the Eating Block, don't fall off. After this is another chamber containing a blue P-Switch that drops a single 1-Up Mushroom and requires you run across a bridge with a few Bowser Statues . Near the end, the player will see a Green ! Block,so you can pick up a feather, and a Boss Door. Go inside and you will have to fight Roy Koopa.

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