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Roberto Zampari

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23th February


12th February

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SMW Stardust Dragon 2011 BG rips

Roberto Zampari is one of SMWC users. His personality is a bit annoying, and regrets this because everyone is angry at him. His dream is to surprass carol's with his hacking skills. However, his skills have failed to achieve their goals.


Failed Hacks

Shooting Star Mario

The first hack he created. It contains some glitches and crappy graphics. He is thinking of remaking it.

SMW Megaman Legends 3

Another one of his hacks. The purpose of that hack was that people should know about Megaman Legends 3. However, Camerin requests that hack should look totally like Megaman, but Roberto gave up on the hack, claiming that SMWCentral said, "nobody cared about the game".

SMW: Grey Strikes Back

This hack was created in same year (2012) that Master Hand's Doomsday was released. It's a sequel of Master Hand's Doomsday. This must be his real masterpiece, however, everyone at SMWCentral argues about the flaws and clashing graphics in the hack. Roberto was treated as ignorant, but he noticed the biggest flaw: if you use Snes9x, the audio crashes, while in ZSNES, it doesn't. Roberto removed the echo in all of the music, but to make the situation worse, all the level testers and moderators (especially Egadd) complained about the level design. This lead Roberto to start from scratch.

Sucessful Hacks

SMW Stardust Dragon 2011

The first hack succeed, your design reminds EVW and Brutal Mario together.The hack has been moderated and accepted by Raibys.

SMW 2012:Master Hand's Doomsday

Second hack succeed,your design reminds Brutal Mario with SMW Yeah!!!,with custom sprites,bosses and skills.The hack has been moderated and accepted by Raibys.

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