Rise of Luigi

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Rise of Luigi
Author(s): Pikerchu12
Latest Version: 0.05
Levels: 3/96
Production Status: 0.2%

Mario Bros Return:Rise of Luigi! is a rom hack currently made by Pikerchu12/13 and is currently still in it's beta phase. It is a hack meant to change the classic Mario plot of princess kidnapping, and to express his artistic ways. The first demo will include 2.5 worlds out of the total 10 worlds. The first demo, still in beta phase contains no custom music, so far, but custom sprites, graphics, etc. are contained in the hack.


Will be revealed in full August 13, 2010.

The Bros. heard a terrible fortune of a rare disease, and must travel to a faraway land to find the legendary cure, but Bowser also heard of this and had other plans.

Under Construction

The hack as is still in beta form, it may take a couple months until Demo 1, due to a blocktool glitch Estimated October, 2010 or sooner.

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