Rip Van Fish

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Rip Van Fish
An active Rip Van Fish chasing Mario.|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX06 (SP4)


0xB (Blue Palette)

Rip Van Fish is an underwater enemy that is always seen sleeping until Mario gets close to it, at which point it will wake up and begin to angrily chase him. Rip Van Fish can also wake up from a Chargin' Chuck's whistle.

Hacking Information

Rip Van Fish as it appears in Lunar Magic.
  • Its tiles are in a 32×32 block with the top left corner at $0C.
  • The Z's are stored in a 16×16 block with the top left corner at $60.
  • For best results, you need sprite buoyancy active. Otherwise, it'll just swim along the ground!
  • Rip Van Fishes can be used outside of water. Again, they'll just swim along the ground until they hit water.
  • If you use Rip Van Fishes with a Layer 3 tide or with water tiles, they won't jump out of the water if they hit the top. They also don't go through walls. But if you use upside-down or sideways water in your hack, they'll fall out.
  • Eventually, a Rip Van Fish will stop chasing you and go back to sleep. But if a Whistlin' Chuck wakes it up, it will permanently stay awake.
  • When a Whistlin' Chuck is present in the a level, Rip Van Fishes that you encounter later on in the level will be stuck in "awake" mode. The only way to reset this is to leave the level via exit-enabled objects.


  • His name and mannerisms are an obvious parody of Rip Van Winkle.

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