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The objective of a Reznor battle is to knock every Reznor off its platform.

Reznors are odd grey, ceratopsians-like Dino-Rhinos which appear at the end of every Fortress. They stand on platforms on a rotating wooden disk that says Reznor. To defeat a Reznor, Mario must bump them off their platforms by hitting them from below. Once you bump two platforms, however, the floor Mario is standing on starts to crumble away. Unless you have had experience in battling Reznors, you may need to jump onto one of the empty spinning platforms and bump the remaining Reznors off their platforms that way. Reznor may be a reference to Trent Reznor, a musician from Nine Inch Nails.

Hacking Information

Reznors are sprite A9, which can't normally be accessed. They must be inserted using the "Insert Manual" command. (added to sprite menu in 1.91) You can only have four on-screen at once, and their positions are hardcoded.

They typically can only be used with level mode 9 and with the sprite memory set to E, although some hacks do feature Reznors in regular levels. Yoshi is incompatible; if Mario is on Yoshi, he'll die by being extruded down through the floor and into the lava.

Their boss battle is stored at unused Levels 95 and 195 in case you delete or otherwise re-do their other levels. Their graphics data is stored in GFX25, along with Iggy and Larry's graphics.


"And in a way, aren't we all Reznor, too? Standing in a dark room, spinning in endless circles, with nothing but the occasional spat-forth fireball to pass the time until someone finally hits us into the lava, then knocks down our house so that not even a trace remains to remind others of our existence? I think Reznor is a sad metaphor for contemporary life." - Rameau's Nephew

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