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Graphics file(s)

GFX20 (SP4)



Rex is a dinosaur enemy who was introduced in Super Mario World. He is easily identified by his orange belly, blue back, and for being as tall as Mario in his original form. He has interesting properties in that to be killed by regular jumps, he must be stomped on twice, rather than only once. Other than that, he can be killed in one pounce with a Spin Jump or Yoshi (spin jumping on a Rex and holding the A button or jumping on him with Yoshi and holding the B button makes Mario bounce pretty high in the air), one of Fire Mario's fireballs, or one of Cape Mario's Cape Spins.

An undamaged Rex is two tiles tall, and one who has been stomped on once is one tile tall, and looks squished. The once-stomped Rex will also move slightly faster than the undamaged one, though it will still move slower than Mario's walking pace. You see many of them in the level Yoshi's island 1, but not many anywhere else (though there is a spot in Chocolate Island 2 that has an abundance of them). Rex is also a playable character in the hack Mega Rex Island by Superwiidude, and is an enemy in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
0x19713 $039513 Normal rex walking speed
0x19715 $039515 Small rex walking speed
0x19742 $039542 Change to 00 to make all Rexes start small.
0x197B8 $0395B8 Rex's HP
0x1983B $03963B SFX that comes up when Mario hits a Rex
0x1984C $03964C Rex tile horizontal displacement table left (0C entries)
0x19858 $039658 Rex tile horizontal displacement table right (0C entries)
0x19864 $039664 Rex tile vertical displacement table (0C entries)
0x19870 $039670 Sprite tilemap: Rex
0x1987C $03967C Rex tile settings left
0x1987D $03967D Rex tile settings right

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