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Also known as

Remoga/Remmy/Remonga Scrotum/Remdick



Knows of

Levels, Graphics, Minor ASM

Join date

August 20, 2007


October 27, 1991

Known For

Level design, creative ideas, impatience, target consumer appeal



Remnic began SMW hacking in late 2006. Being one of the infamous SMWCentral celebrities, he comes and goes as he please whenever he loses his creativity and/or impatience in collab hacks. Currently, Remnic wastes his time in college, in bed and on Steam

SMWC History

-2006: Learned the basics to SMW hacking

-2007-2009: Began collaborating with Aquifer and Riolu in designing A Yoshi: Sfog. The project died in late 2009.


Remnic is good friends with several members of the SMWC community.




-Dispari Scuro



-Smallhacker (helped him get an achievement in Team Fortress 2. To this day, he has still yet to do him a solid (Quid Pro Quo))



Contact details

Steam ID: remmy692


Fun Facts

-Kaeru would make fun of Remnic by calling him by either his old username, Remoga Sanctum, or Remonga Scrotum.

-Was recognized by SNN during one of the first SMWC Level Design contests as one of his personal favorite level designers.

-Is currently one of the most infamous SMWC celebrities.

-Was marked as a suspect during the Nightfall crisis.

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