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Knows of

SMW hacking, Moderating hacks, Various tools, Basic ASM, basic music porting

Join date

December 16th, 2008


September 21st, 1995

Known For

Making SMAS Styled hacks, Great level design, using cool graphics in levels, having a complicated name, being on staff, moderating hacks, spamming the forums, informative hack removal logs.

reghrhre was going through Youtube one day and discovered a video about Kaizo Mario World. reghrhre was amazed about being able to make custom Mario levels and so he searched more about it and soon discovered Lunar Magic. He first attempted to make a hack by making his own Kaizo inspired hack which didn't make it very far nor was it hard. reghrhre then started looking up more stuff about SMW hacking and was directed to SMWC because of a video he was watching of a hack. He only went from custom things for his hack but later browsed the forums, he then joined the site a week later. And the SMWCentral journey began there.


SMW Hacking

When starting his first actual hack, reghrhre used to copy level design from other hacks when first starting out until he got caught by the author of the hack he copied from. He then copied level design from another hack in which he also got caught by the author. Though it was bad to do, reghrhre learned what makes a level good and has been getting better since and has stopped copying level design. He then later took hacking to the next level by adding custom graphics, music, and other things.

reghrhre has 3 hacks in which only 1 is fully complete. Bowser's Valley is reghrhres completed hack which was token down because he wanted to restart it. His other hacks are Super Mario World Classic Comebacks and Luigi's Fight For The Mushroom Kingdom (LFFTMK).

reghrhre can do very little music porting and ASM but he doesn't read much about them due to lack of motivation and laziness.

reghrhre on SMWCentral

Starting out, reg was a total noob to the forums and Internet in general, he didn't use proper capitalisation and was shy to do much and got butt-hurt easily. Toward 2009, he slowly started improving how he was on the Internet in general because of the community on smwc. He posted a lot in 2009 mostly because he wanted a better rank but because of the mass posting, he an became an active user because of it.

Hack Moderating

reg continued his smwc life as the average user until December 17th 2009 (just a year and a day since reghrhre joined smwc) where a news post about the staff were hiring hack moderators showed up. He has always wanted to moderate hacks since he has checked the hack removal log thread everyday and thought it'd be cool to moderate hacks. Determined to get a position, reghrhre tried making a well made application so he can get a chance to fulfil his dream of moderating a hack. Then one night on December 22nd, 2009, the results for the new hack moderators have finally arrived. 10 people were chosen out of the many to be a hack mod... reghrhre turned out to be one of them. Having seeing himself being choosen was heart stopper for him since we know it's his dream to moderate hacks. Excited and determined, reghrhre moderated his first hack that same night and enjoyed every bit of moderating. And starting from that day, reghrhre got to fulfil his hack moderating dream and moderate hacks as he willed.

After the promotion

Reg fulfilled his hack moderating duties and had fun doing so since the promotion. He continued his job as he willed until the summer of 2010 where he disappeared during August for 2 months due to seeing if anyone would notice his disappearance. Though because of the "disappearance", reghrhre became less interested with hack moderating as he didn't do much afterwards so he requested a demotion. Though about a month or 2 later he rejoined the staff team since all he seemed to have needed was a break. Though he still didn't do much after a few weeks as he came back on and off after weekly long inactiveness.


reghrhre's final time on the staff went as he one day spammed the forums due to depression of a certain situation that happened to him. He then returned later in April.

About reghrhre

reghrhre is a nice person Internet wise and respects peoples thoughts and other stuff. However in real life, he is rather sarcastic about all the time and can be quite a jerk to people (in a comedic way) for other peoples entertainment. He is a bit shy but it doesn't stop him for being his self it just stops him from doing public speaking in front of a lot of people. He's way funny in person than he is online due to not caring about others he don't know in real life and the way he says stuff. Other than that there's not much that's not worth noting.

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