Red Switch Palace

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Super Mario World Level
Red Switch Palace
Red Switch Palace.png
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 11B, 1D8
Notes It is accessed by passing the secret exit of Vanilla Dome 2. Once the switch is pressed, you may not enter again but you will fill in all the dotted red blocks which will act like a cement block.
Vanilla Dome 2
Red Switch Palace
List of Levels

The Red Switch Palace is accessible via the secret exit of Vanilla Dome 2. It is a two-room stage with a time limit of 200 seconds.

The first room consists of nine Koopas. Each Koopa is separated by a Used Block, and a broken row of coins is overhead. A blue P-Switch is provided at the beginning of the level. The Koopa nearest to the player jumps inside a yellow shell. The object of this room's puzzle is to have the first Koopa defeat as many of the other Koopas below as possible to earn extra lives while the P-Switch is active.

The final room contains no enemies. After a run through a lengthy corridor, the player encounters a large red switch, which when pressed, fills in all of the red dotted-line blocks in Super Mario World. After returning to the overworld, the player will be prompted to save their progress.

This level can not be re-entered after being beaten.


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