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Red Toon Link, is a member of SMWC that happens to be fairly helpful and skilled.

SMW Central User
Username: RedTL
Also known as: ZippoPrower94, Crimson Cartoon Elf, Z1pp0Cat94
Age: 16
Knows of: Graphics making, music porting, some basic ASM
Join Date: 2/18/2008
Birth Date: 6/17/1994
Known For: Player gfx making, vanilla/chocolate/"choconilla" level designing, music porting
Hacks: D'oh Zavtra!, Mario Frenzy, Red's Christmas Party, Red's 12 Days of Christmas

Contributions to SMWiki


The beginning

Starting out, Red showed screenshots from a hack called "Super Frenzy World". These screenshots were filled with errors, from bad palettes, to boring levels, to cutoff. At the time, Red thought his hack was great, and everyone else was just being mean. He grew discouraged, and yet, later grew interest in impressing the community that accused him of being a spammer. A year later, he returned with a hack that had drastically changed. It retained the "Super Frenzy World" name, yet it was a completely new hack.

Present Day

Red considers himself to be a lazy hacker with good potential. He can draw graphics based upon the SMW style, or make graphics from scratch. He has a wise-guy attitude and accepts no BS when it comes to SMW hacking, yet he is laid back otherwise. He prefers using logic rather than emotion to deal with a problem, yet this makes him come across as a bit of a jerk to some. This, by no means, makes Red an unkind guy. He enjoys helping a fellow hacker, and is open to many questions. Sadly, though, he isn't as active on SMWC as you'd think, popping around once in a while, unless during the time of a Level Design Contest.

Mario Frenzy

Mario Frenzy is Red's main hack that he has been working on for several years. Numerous demos have been released, with the latest one being titled "C3 Demo v2". This demo will be the last, until the final version of the hack is released. Estimated release around 2012, but Red holds no promise to this.

Many ideas for a sequel, Mario Frenzy 2, have been considered, but not executed.

Red's Christmas Party

Red's Christmas Party is a 1 level hack, who has a constant Winter theme throughout. Your aim is to find the presents you lost, and save Christmas!

A "sequel" titled Red's Twelve Days of Christmas is in planning, but has not exactly been confirmed. A concept video has been revealed, showing improvements from Red's Christmas Party.

D'oh Zavtra!

D'oh Zavtra! is Red's "hush-hush" project. Only close friends know a few details of this hack, but he is willing to say that it is a "hack in a level", that might not even see an SMWC release. Short video clips of this hack have been seen, but the levels seen are merely for testing purposes.

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