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Red's Christmas Party is a hack by RedToonLink (aka ZippoPrower94). It is a one-level holiday themed hack that focuses on puzzle solving. Article in progress




Red Toon Link is throwing a holiday party to celebrate Christmas! He bought all his friends presents! There's just one problem! He left the presents behind on his way to the party! He must find them before a greedy little scrooge gets them!


The hack consists of one level, with three different areas to explore. The game uses the Doki Doki Panic health system, and health-up hearts are hidden in breakable jars. The player must traverse difficult platforms and cliffs while solving puzzles to find the sack of presents without being hurt. The player will run into Dekus (Koopa replacements), Octorocs (goombas), and Deku Babas (Piranha Plants). Upon bringing the gifts to the designated location, a boss fight is held between the player, and a greedy treasure hunter named Pakkun. (using Sonikku's Ma Pignon sprite) The three areas, sky, cave, and snowland, hold valuables that range from items to Rupees. The items that can be found are: Fire Rod (which enables use of fireballs), and Roc's Feather (which grants use of Roc's Cape). Flying is disabled with the cape. There are also 15 giant Rupees for the player to find, if they desire to do so. Some of them are in plain sight, while others require items, and puzzle solving.

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