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Racing Stripe is a program similar to Terra Stripe, but with a different focus and set of features. Like Terra Stripe, it can be used to edit or create Stripe Images for layer 3 backgrounds, but cannot insert them into a rom, although the images can be inserted later with xkas or Terra Stripe (but only for layer 3 images). But Racing Stripe can also edit Layer 1 and Layer 2 BGs and various other screen modes, making it much more flexible.

It can also import, rearrange, and save backgrounds from any .ZST format savestate, features meant to be used with edit1754's BG ripper tool. It's quite possible to export Stripe Images from savestates as well, but the vram addresses need to be changed to use SMW's values and the graphics probably would need to be rearranged anyway.

Racing Stripe is also much more stable then Terra Stripe seems to be, and doesn't crash as often.

Raceing Stripe Advanced

Also available is a version that imports and edits VisualBoyAdvance save states to prepare them for the BG ripper tool.

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