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Also known as

pyrosphere91(YouTube) flamethrower0(old YouTube, old GMail) fyarball(formerly)



Knows of

SMW Hacking
  • Lunar Magic
  • BlockTool(both)
  • SpriteTool(both)
  • AddMusic
SNES Romhacking
  • ASM
  • xkas
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • *sh
  • Linux/Unix/BSD
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows(yuck)
  • Handy with Inkscape, a vector graphics editor.
  • Can build computers from parts

Join date

May 03, 2008


Sept 19, 1991

Known For


Pyrosphere joined SMW Central as fyarball on May 3rd, 2008, posting screenshots of a very shitty 3-4 level Kaizo-style Super Mario World hack in the Hack Discussion forum. Even though the hack was labeled as a work in progress and an IPS of the hack itself was not actually submitted, he himself thinks that he deserved all the flaming he got for not thoroughly reading various hack submission guidelines. He was really upset over this until he realized how much of a piece of shit his hack was and that everyone was just trying to help him improve it (though the hack inevitably got cancelled as it was improperly planned). He made a post in the N00b SMW Hacking forum to help prevent other users from sharing his rotten start to the world of SMW Central. And it got stickied, though it was eventually destickified and is now lost in a labyrinth of ancient posts.

Over the summer of 2008 he learned some ASM (more specifically 65c816 assembler language code), and submitted a screenshot of an intentional corruption of the SNES VRAM in a Super Mario World minihack. This minihack utilized DMA to copy data into the VRAM, but instead of copying useful video data (such as palettes, tile data and tile maps) it just copied a chunk of WRAM (the SNES' main RAM) over.

Around the time of the fisrt semiannual SMWCentral Creativity Convention, Pyrosphere got the idea of making an integrated development environment, not only for hacking SMW, but for hacking other SNES games and even creating new ones. This IDE will be called RexIDE and is a work in progress. Preview builds will be released at semiannually during the C3.


Pyrosphere's email addresses are off limits. Any attempts to email him will be a waste of your time as the emails will be deleted. In order to contact Pyrosphere, use SMWCentral's PM feature. Note that Pyrosphere does not regularly visit SMWCentral anymore so you may have to wait a while for a response.

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