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A purple triangle in Donut Plains 1.
A purple triangle block.

"Purple triangles" are objects that allow Mario to run vertically into a wall. If Mario is riding Yoshi, the purple triangle will act as a non-portable springboard. If a koopa shell is thrown towards a purple triangle, the shell will be sent up flying.

Purple triangles don't work quite correctly unless a corner tile, such as the recommended tile 1EB (flat ground tile), is placed below. It is not necessary, however, as you can still run up walls without one, but running straight towards it will result in Mario passing through and past it. Purple triangle can face either left or right. Left facing triangles are object 44 in Lunar Magic (Map16 tile 1B4), while right facing triangles are object 45 (Map16 tile 1B5).


  • Walking into a purple triangle in the opposite direction it faces when it has a corner tile beneath will result in Mario passing through it and ultimately fall through the ground.
  • When a shell is sent upwards by a triangle, it will not interact with the bottoms of blocks, so it will go into ceilings.
  • When layer 2 is given player interaction, purple triangles will not work correctly. Mario will be unable turn sideways, and instead of running up walls, he'll fall into the wall and die. In addition, shells will not fly very high off it.
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