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SMW Central User
Pureblade's avatar
Username: Pureblade
Also known as: Cjsplatinum, Harry4uto, Chris18, Vangronder.
Age: 14
Knows of: Can hack SMW and create simple custom blocks.
Join Date: February 18th, 2009.
Birthday: July 11th, 1996
Known For: Being unknown to almost everyone.

Contributions to SMWiki

Pureblade is a 14 years old male user on SMW Central. He joined on February 18th, 2009.

He made some hacks which were either kept for himself just for practicing on making hacks or submitted and rejected/accepted on the site.


Released stuff



Unreleased stuff

Pureblade has some stuff that either got rejected or just never released.

For example, he was making a part 2 to Mario on Ice (Mario's nightmare), but he was too lazy to submit this hack, and now he lost this hack.

Current hack: Josh's Island

Main article: Josh's Island

Pureblade is currently making a hack called Josh's Island. All maps are done and he wants to release a 3-world demo soon.

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