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Sample level with Podoboos
Podoboos, known in Lunar Magic as a Fireball, is a circular lava creature with two hollow eyes that commonly appeared in Super Mario World's castles, where they bounced out of lava and tried to burn Mario from below. There is also a reflecting Podoboo that appears during the boss fights against Wendy and Lemmy, as well as in a couple of castles.

There is also a glitch with hacking where if you don't turn sprite buoyancy on in the level, the game will freeze if Mario enters a screen with a classic Podoboo on it. There is another strange glitch: In the original Super Mario World, Yoshi wasn't designed to enter castles. If you have a Yoshi in a castle, then go to a screen with a Podoboo on it, Yoshi's head will use the tiles of the Podoboo's animation frames, but Yoshi's palette will stay the same.

Podoboo taken from Iggy's Castle
Reflecting Podoboo in the fight against Lemmy Koopa

Hacking Information

  • Vertical Jumping Podoboo (Sprite 33)
    • Set vertical height to change jump.
    • Sprite buoyancy
  • Reflecting Podoboo (Sprite B6)

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