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A pit hack.

Pit hacks are hacks that are incredibly hard, requiring an inhumane amount of skill. These hacks can not be completed without extreme slowdown or even frame-advance. Pit hacks are made to push the difficulty of Super Mario World to its limits. These hacks are mostly fun to watch a TAS of, but playing it, however, is a different story. Frame-perfect tricks (see below) and pixel-perfect jumps are commonly used in pit hacks.

The name "pit hack" comes from the 'Pit of' series of Youtube user MoltovMarioWorld. The hacks of the series are called: Pit of Despair, Pit of Death, and Pit of Shells (which is unfinished).

Pushing the difficulty of SMW to its limits is not the sole reason people make pit hacks. Sometimes people dislike easy hacks, but they do like challenges.

Frame-perfect tricks

Frame-perfect tricks are common for pit hacks. They require the player to do something at the exact right frame. Some of these tricks are:

  • P-switch jumping
  • Walljumping
  • Keyjumping
  • Koopa kicking
  • Low-spinjumps (1 blockhigh at most)
  • Red/blue koopa falling off edges
  • Surviving under layer 3 smashers

See the glitches topic in WoI for more information on these glitches.

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