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ASM, Graphics, SMW Hacking, ripping...honestly, who really cares about anything else? :P

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I don't really remember...


June 6

Known For

You tell me

pikaguy900, currently Riolu180, user ID 44, was a local mod at SMWC, and moderated the forums of Hack Discussion, Gaming, and the SMWC Production forum. He was one of the staff members hired during the staff signups, but was demoted recently.

pikaguy900 is a Wikiministrator, so feel free to ask him to delete/move/etc. pages and stuff for you!

Also has a habit of stealing and eating auras on IRC. Yum! :D


pikaguy900 is good at making some pixel art, especially foregrounds, but his real passion is level design. Many praise him for his level design, though he feels he overdoes it for contests by trying to make something complex and puzzling in an effort to wow people and win. He apparently feels this is why he has yet to win a single one.

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