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Graphics, level design, etc.

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Procrastination, having a misspelled username, never really finishing stuff

Phoenix is middle-of-the-road SMWC member. Has a plethora of projects, all unfinished to lesser or greater degrees. He realizes his name is misspelled, but honestly you don't have to point it out all that much. He rarely submits anything to the database, but that does not mean that nothing is done [although that is usually the case]; he is a hoarder of sorts, and rarely gives out stuff.

Became interested in Bubble Bobble over summer of '09, and had soon taken and modified Bubs for his own internet persona.

Has participated in two full games of War [the first one didn't exactly count, and the fourth kinda foundered].

Is the main Map Designer for SMWCmon, a position which he enjoys [but really should contribute in a faster manner to.]

Has recently picked up Touhou; he still isn't all that good at it, as he still folds in stages 5/6 on Normal.

Often tries to contribute to projects; this meets with differing rates of success.

Owner of the one serious thread on AbsolNET.

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