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Springboard in Lunar Magic 1.63
A right wall springboard

The Springboard is an item that was introduced in Super Mario Bros. 1. There, it was rooted to the ground, but in Super Mario World and future games, Mario can pick it up and carry it to other locations. Jumping on it makes Mario jump higher, reaching normally otherwise inaccessible locations.

This item is often used in hacks for puzzle-solving and reaching bonus areas. The springboard in Super Mario World has also a weird little glitch related to its carrying. Whenever Mario picks up a springboard, it completely kills his horizontal speed.

There are also wall springboards, sometimes called pea bouncers, that come in left and right wall varieties. How high you jump on them depends on what part of them you are on; the further from the base you are, the higher you'll jump.


SMW Central's "Dots" rankset, which is Roman numeral-based and shows your post count using dots in all eight sprite palettes and variations on palettes E and F, is based on the graphics for the wall springboards. Also, the VWF Cutscene Tool uses the wall board's graphics for cursors unless you insert and use the ExGFX that came with the utility. Then you get down and right arrows.


  • Springboards are one of the seven objects (eight if you count the P-Balloon) that can be double grabbed. To do so, simply grab both the springboard and another object on the same frame. Springboards are special in that, unlike other objects, more than two of them can very easily be grabbed at the same time.
  • Springboards are one of the seven objects that can be grabbed on Yoshi. To do so, simply grab the spring on the same frame you land on Yoshi. Springboards are special in that, unlike other objects, it can be grabbed on Yoshi regardless of what sprite slot it is in.
  • Mario can be pushed into walls if he is between two springboards (or a springboard and another solid item) and the wall.
  • One springboard is able to push Mario through ceilings if he lands on the spring close enough to the block (instead of the two objects that other items require). This is easier with Yoshi since Yoshi bounces up on top of items.
  • If Mario lands on a springboard right below an invisible coin block, he will hit the coin block and be forced down into the spring.
  • If Mario is riding a Yoshi and he lands on a springboard on the same frame that he sticks it to his tongue, Yoshi will spring off of it, ignoring any blocks or ceilings on the way. In addition, spitting out the springboard afterwards will reveal that it's stuck in the "squished" graphic. Bouncing off it once will fix this, however.
  • If Mario drops a springboard through a solid sprite platform and lands on said spring, Mario will be carried through the platform.
  • If Mario lands on a springboard as it's passing a corner, Mario will be pulled through whatever block is below him.
  • If Mario gets knocked off of Yoshi while a springboard is stuck to Yoshi's tongue, the spring will lose proper ground interaction until Yoshi swallows it again or it despawns.
  • When the sprite overload glitch is used on a springboard, it will hurt Mario when touched, become unable to pick up, and become spinjumpable. If Yoshi spits it out while ducking, the springboard will drop right under Yoshi (knocking Mario off), but it will be invisible. Landing on it in this form will give Mario one normal spring before becoming visible and reverting back to its previous state. If Yoshi spits it out normally, the graphics will glitch and it will act like a spinjump-only shell. Note that results when trying this may vary for some unknown reason.

  • If a wall springboard is at the very top of the visible screen, falling off the bottom of the screen will cause Mario to warp up on top of the wall springboard.

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