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Overworld Sprite Tool (OW Sprte Inserter)

The Overworld Sprite Tool being run.
Use(s): Adds custom overworld sprites
Developer(s): Alcaro
Platform(s): All (confirm please)
Latest Version: 1.0
License: Unknown
Home Page: N/A
Download(s): Version 1.0

Overworld Spritetool is a utility that can insert custom overworld sprites. It's made by Alcaro.


  • Double-click the tool.
  • Enter the name of the ROM you want to insert sprites into.
  • Enter the name of the sprite list.
  • Run the tool from the command line.
  • >owsptool ROMname ListName

The list is formatted almost identical to Sprite Tool's list. You enter the slot number (must not be one of SMW's original and must start with the lowest one, a.k.a. 0B), then a space, then a binary number representing on which maps the sprite may be used, another space and then the path to the sprite. Example:

0B 1111111 osprites/navi.asm
0C 0111100 osprites/hand.asm


  • This tool differs from carol's version in that it uses the unused sprite slots instead of replacing existing sprites.

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