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The main overworld map with all events completed.

The Overworld is the level selection screen, and is the collection of the maps found in Super Mario World. It is known as Dinosaur land, and consists of one large map and 6 smaller maps referred to as "submaps". It also contains 3 of the 5 Star Road warps.


Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land is a land in the Mushroom World and is the place in which Mario, Luigi, and Peach go for vacation in Super Mario World. During the vacation, Peach mysteriously disappears, and they know Bowser is the culprit as usual. Mario and Luigi set off to rescue Peach and defeat Bowser once more. In addition to kidnapping Peach, Bowser also took over Dinosaur Land, giving each of his Koopalings power over a portion of it, kidnapped 7 of Yoshi's friends and trapped them each in eggs, giving one egg to each of his Koopalings. He also built his own castle in the Valley of Bowser.


The regions of Dinosaur Land, each ruled by a Koopaling:

Main Map

The main map, pictured on the right, contains three entire worlds in it. These worlds are:

Donut Plains

Donut Plains is the second world, and is ruled by Morton Koopa Jr. There are 8 levels (two of which are Ghost Houses), the Green Switch Palace, and one of the five entrances to the Star World, as well the secret level that gives Mario unlimited powerups and Yoshis. Donut Secret 2 is located in the Valley of Bowser submap.

The Twin Bridges

The fourth world, as well as the shortest world, is ruled by Ludwig von Koopa. It contains only 6 levels and the third entrance to the Star World.

Chocolate Island

Chocolate Island is the sixth world in the game, and is ruled by Wendy O. Koopa. It contains 9 levels, one being a ghost house. One of its levels is also on the Valley of Bowser submap. One level has the unique property of leading to different areas based on doing different things while going through the level.


The six submaps, with all events completed.
There are six submaps, which house two switch palaces, three castles, and two Star Road warps.

The submaps are as follows:

Yoshi's Island

The first world in the game, ruled by Iggy Koopa, contains 5 levels, the Yellow Switch Palace, and Yoshi's House. It is mostly located on a submap, but the Switch Palace is on the Overworld.

Vanilla Dome

The third world in the game is ruled by Lemmy Koopa, and is located on a submap. It contains 10 levels, one of which is a Ghost House, the Red Switch Palace, and the second entrance to the Star World. Three of the levels are located on the Overworld, near the Twin Bridges.

Forest of Illusion

The fifth world is located on a submap, and is ruled by Roy Koopa. There are 8 levels (one being a Ghost House), the Blue Switch Palace, and the fourth entrance to the Star World. It is known for confusing players, hence the name "Forest of Illusion".

Valley of Bowser

The final world in the game, located on a submap, is ruled by Bowser. However, Larry Koopa also resides in it. The world contains 8 levels, one of which is a Ghost House, and the fifth and final entrance to the Star World. Bowser's Castle, located in this world, also has two entrances: One places Mario at the start of the level, but the other drops him off in the room right before Bowser.

Star World

The Star World, located on a submap, can be found by completing the secret exits of 5 levels spread throughout the game's worlds. There is a total of 5 levels in this world, and Mario can only continue on to the next level if he finds the Secret Exit. Upon finding the secret exit of Star World 5, Mario will unlock the path to the Special World.

Special World

The Special World is unlocked by completing the secret exit of Star World 5. The world, located on a submap, contains 8 levels, each named with a different slang word for "cool". Once the final level is completed, a Star Road will be unlocked that changes enemy sprite graphics, overworld palettes, and turns all green and red Koopas/Shells into blue and yellow Koopas/Shells.

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