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Super Mario World Level
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 126
Notes Seventh stage in the Special World.
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Outrageous is a level in Super Mario World, the seventh stage in the Special World. It has an autumn forest theme, and it may be the second-most difficult stage in the game after Tubular. The player must navigate through a gauntlet of Bullet Bill shooters, deal with Amazing Flying Hammer Brothers in combination with Jumping Piranha Plants, Wigglers, and Hopping Flames in tight quarters, and at the end, jump a 7-tile-wide gap to reach the goal.

Level info

Submap: Special World
Overworld level number: 126
Sublevels: None
Theme: Forest (uses autumn palette)
Screens: 0x14
Sprites: Wiggler, hopping flame, jumping Piranha Plant (normal and fire-spitting), Amazing Flying Hammer Brother, exploding block, springboard, Bullet Bill (shooter)


- Outrageous is the only level to contain the hopping flame sprite. - It is also one of only two levels to contain the Wiggler (the other one being Forest of Illusion 1) and Bullet Bill shooter (the other one being Sunken Ghost Ship).

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