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omegazeroINFI is user number 8083 on super mario world central. His first thing that caught his eye for hacking was music, this made his first post about Romi's Addmusic. [1]Soon afterwards, he started to become a more active member of the site and then started learning how to use xkas. Like all or most new members, he started out as a noob and now today, hes got some useful to now help out others.

SMW Central User
Username: omegazeroINFI
AKA: omega, zero, nick
Real name: Nick Murakami
Age: 16
Knows of: Basic 65c816 ASM, Super Mario World hacking, Music porting, Random ideas, Things
Join Date: November 22nd 2009
Birthdate: April 27th (1994)
Interests: playing games, smw hacking, having fun, achieving things, Ripstick thingies, Silver Forest mixes, making videos, passing time, filling out pages in third person :3
Contributions: this page and maybe soon others.


Starting out

omegazeroINFI first learned about SMWC by accident after watching kaizo from 900redyoshi's lp,[2] he became curious about how SMW was being edited like so, so he went around looking at comments from the videos and then started google searches looking for kaizo and then found lunar magic 1.63 lying around on google. From there, he started trying to make a hack and it was something id like to never speak of again.[3] During the production of the ruined blatentness it was, during that time, omega was using addmusic by perl.

Practice hack

After the major train wreck of a hack he left behind to never again touch for anything other then the title screen, he went on learning how to use tools like blocktool and to this day, still doesnt know how to insert anything to be used with blocktool, only the default ones. From here, he learned how to use Romi's Addmusic and inserted far more songs then he would ever have used in such a rom hack. Soon he had ecided on Mario and Luigi's Exploration, but had changed it to world so Exploration could be used in the future. In the en result, he had to quit it as is laptop died on him and is still waiting on finding out if he can recover any important files. Currently, this hack has been dropped, but can be played, by visiting his files and downloading the ips.[4]

Learning phases

As he continued hacking, he learned how to do in this order

  • 0. use notepad
  • 1. use Lunar Magic
  • 2. use Lunar Ips
  • 3. use Addmusic by perl
  • 4. use Romi's Addmusic
  • 5. port songs
  • 6. use Xkas for patches
  • 7. regular Blocktool use of default blocks
  • 8. use Lunar Expand
  • 9. use Lunar Address
  • 10. use Translhexation
  • 11. make blocks
  • 12. use ExGFX in hacks
  • 13. use BTSD
  • 14. use sprite tool
  • 15. make generators
  • 16. make basic patches


omegazeroINFI is currently learning asm to apply to his limited set of blocks he can currently make.


omegazeroINFI doesnt really understand patches about getting them to work, but will learn eventually


this is the next thing on his list to try out.


there's a new hack in planning, details will be added as it goes. one thing as been confirmed though, it will contain quite a bit of ports made by him.

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