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A note block.

Note Blocks are square-ish blocks in the game Super Mario World. They are the least common blocks out of Turn Blocks and ? Blocks. They were originally introduced in Super Mario Bros 3., serving the same purpose.



When you jump on a note block, a sound effect plays and Mario bounces off of it. If you hold A or B on a note block, Mario will bounce even higher. Other varieties will yield items such as a Feather, Fire Flower, or a Star. This block cannot be destroyed, nor will it turn into Brown Used Block. There are also a few types of note blocks that were programmed into Super Mario World, but never used in any of the levels. One unused note block will act like the regular one, except you can bounce off from all sides! Another note block variety is invisible, and it will only appear when Mario hits it from below, like it's ? Block counterpart. Note Blocks also require the use of a specific sprite graphic so they look normal when bounced on or hit from below.

Map16 Numbers

Standard Note Blocks:

  • 23 = An invisible Note Block that only appears when hit from below.
  • 24 = An invisible Note Block that only appears when hit from below.
  • 111 = Note Block that contains a Feather, Fire Flower, or a Star depending on it's X position.
  • 113 = Note Block that you can bounce on.
  • 115 = Note Block that you can bounce on.

Unused Note Blocks:

  • 116 = Note Block that you can bounce on from all sides!

Hacking Information

  • SP3: 15


  • Note blocks are one of the six kinds of blocks in Super Mario World that can be duplicated if hit by a carriable sprite at the right angle.
  • When you land on a note block, Mario's interaction with walls and ceilings will be disabled for a bit. As such, Mario can die in walls if he slides into one while moving on a noteblock.
  • If you press A on the frame before Mario regains interaction, Mario will spinjump off of the note block.
  • The six bouncing blocks (turn blocks, ? blocks, translucent blocks, note blocks, ON/OFF switches, and green star blocks) have a set of four slots for their data, which is cycled through when any block is hit. If a note block uses one of these and the slots are cycled through fast enough to replace its slot while it's still being used, the note block will become an invisible solid block, which Mario will fall through as a result.
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