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Also known as

Nis, Nismo, NismoZ58



Knows of

ExGFX, use of various level editors, pixel art

Join date

Nov 28, 2010


Apr 17, 1998

Known For

Absolutely nothing

NismoZ joined SMW Central on November 28th, 2010, and as soon as he joined, he created a layout with his basic HTML and CSS knowledge, based on SMW's ground tiles. Once he created a layout, he made his first post, in the now-case'd introductions thread of all things, which is unusual since his first posts elsewhere are usually in something completely different. After introducing himself (and getting the usual "Welcome to SMWC" replies), he immediately went on to post in many of the Talk and Gaming threads. He is generally a lurker who started in Bulbagarden, which has very strict rules, and thus is very obedient around the rest of the Internet and hasn't been banned from any forums to date.


  • NismoZ owns a Macintosh computer, as well as a Windows laptop.
  • He has a tendency to resolve a problem right after he posts a help thread about it.
  • He has started several SMW hacks, although most of them he hasn't even finished a level on before forgetting about them.
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