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The NSMB Remake is a remake of the first world of New Super Mario Bros. done by icegoom. It was done over the course of one week in December of 2006 and is in a very incomplete state. It features a mixture of ripped and original graphics (including brand new Mario graphics) which anyone is free to rip and use in their own hacks.

The hack was created in response to a remake of NSMB's level 1-1 which was uploaded to SMW Central by Juga Juga. Juga's level was, in icegoom's opinion, amateurishly done, so he drew new graphics and applied changes such as squishable Goombas and breakable bricks. He then decided to go on and remake all eight levels of NSMB's first world. Not owning a Nintendo DS, icegoom had to watch youtube videos of speedruns in order to see the levels' layouts. Not wanting to spend too much time away from his main project, Mario's Lost World, he set a deadline for New Year's Day of 2007.

When the new year came, the hack was far from finished, but icegoom ceased working on it. Over the next few months, he occasionally worked on it further, concentrating most of his effort on finishing the Mario sprite. He finished Mario's graphics in March of 2007 and decided he was done with the project. He publically released it and declared that anyone who wished could continue working on it. (He released the custom sprites and blocks lists along with it)

A few people have expressed interest in continuing the project, but at this time no newer versions have been released. The graphics have been used in a hand full of hacks. The only work icegoom has done on it is adding SMB3 Koopas, but he has not released this version.

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