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Hacking SMW, Concept art, jokes.

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September 23rd, 2007.


August 22nd, 1993

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Making jokes, making friends, and a lot of other things.

Mwc, also known as Michael Wilson Conn (Or My Wishful Christmas, Most Wanted Canadian, Mario World Central, Mythic World Cup, Many Wonderful Cheats, V for Valentines day, and others.), most of those nick-names are for Holiday effects, especially "My Wishful Christmas" because it sorta does go with the Holiday and of course, "Mwc".



Real life

Outside the world of online/Internet Mwc's real name is Michael(Which is obvious by now), a concept artist for a game producer called "Bungie™" which has made several very popular games in it's carer. And since Michael has joined Bungie™ way back in 2002-2003, he has increased his artistic skills and in concept art. He has made several backgrounds and concept art for many things, but also helped out with a lot of "Halo related" pictures, even some you see on the net. Considering that he lost his real life friends after when he moved, he still goes outside though. A while ago- Wait, does he want his life story on here? Probably not o_o


Michael has a few nick-names for the online world, but you already know like half of them, so moving on to the site he mostly is busy on. is the main place for all of your Halo needs, but for him, it's for his helping needs, Michael is very well known on that site, and is a moderator/staff member, he's been a staff member since 2003, Michael does most of the art-work on the computer, since he doesn't live in the U.S where Bungie studios is, so he can easily just send his art-work there, and that pretty much explains his role with Bungie. Now for SMW Central. Way back in 2006-07, in August, Michael was bored one day and decided to play Super Mario World, but he thought to himself if he could one day make his own version of Super Mario World, so he searched up "hacks" for Super Mario World, and that's when he found SMW Central, a hacking site for Super Mario World, he was very surprised and downloaded the editor for Super Mario World and started making his own levels/worlds. After August passed by and it was September 23rd, Michael checked SMW Central and finally realized that he could have joined the site after all those weeks, and so it was official, Michael finally registered on SMW Central on the 23rd of September, 2007. Since then he was inspired of making his own levels/worlds.


Mwc/Michael has been a well known member of "SMW Central" and plans to make more SMW hacks and actually submit them sometime, hopefully.


Here are hacks in the making/planning. But you can wait, if you wont then just go.

Super Mario World: Mwc's attack!

It was a nice beautiful sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, the Princess Peach, and Yoshi came back from their Vacation after defeating Bowser, they all realized that it was also Mario's birthday, so they had him hang out with Yoshi on Yoshi's Island for most of the day while Princess Peach, and Luigi planned a surprise party for Mario, but just when everything was going to be alright, a storm came out of no where with very strong winds and very heavy rain. - More coming later on, kinda busy right now.

Super Mario World: Mwc's Return!

After years passed by since Mwc's destruction across the Mushroom Kingdom and his retreat, Mario had decided to take a break from the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, because he realized that there are no more threats, especially Bowser, but he didn't worry about him anymore, Bowser had giving up on kidnapping the Princess Peach due to numerous times of Bowser getting defeated by the victorious Mario. A few days later after Mario's departure from the Mushroom Kingdom something was wrong, Princess Peach had realized that the land has been changing, and all of the Yoshi's disappeared. Then the next day after that happened there was a sudden loud noise that echoed through-out the Mushroom Kingdom, and during this event a massive alien-looking ship appeared through a bright light up in the sky, the massive alien-looking ship made a slow stop right over a large majority of the land, Princess Peach was very frighten of this, so she sent Luigi to get Mario, since Luigi wasn't ready for this event. After Luigi left Princess Peach hid away from the ship, she feared it was Bowser, but she was wrong... - What happens next? You'll find out later :P

The end

That's all, hope you had a blast reading pretty much everything about me x_x You can stop now because it ends here. - Mwc

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