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A typical mushroom-themed level.
Mushroom-themed levels have large mushroom-shaped platforms that are flat on top, with a thick stalk Mario can walk through. These are the second-most common type of level, tied with caves.

These levels are present in every world except Forest of Illusion, and have both day and night background variants. The exception is Valley of Bowser 3, which has a cave background. Though Valley of Bowser is underground, Vanilla Dome 4 was also in an underground world, Vanilla Dome, yet has an outdoor starry background.

Common Elements

A mushroom level with a night background.
In addition to the large mushroom platforms, mushroom-themed levels often use a plethora of other platforms like log bridges, solid white mushroom stalks with colored leaves, checkered and wooden platforms (both regular and line-guided), pea bouncers, rope, platforms on rotating chains, floating orange platforms in water, timed orange-and-green platforms, and others.

Thus, these levels are action-packed, with many jumps to be made due to changes in elevation. Although these levels often occur at high elevations with many opportunities for Mario to fall to his death, some levels have layer 3 tides, allowing for Dolphins, Porcu-Puffers, and Floating Mines. Other levels heavily line-guides, with line-guided Fuzzies, platforms, chainsaws, and rope machines.

Mushroom themed levels in SMW

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