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Mud is an user of the SMW Central and has been around since 2008-11-09. He is currently gay years old, has been around for one year, and seems to be a gay user in general. He is known to be bad, gay and unfriendly, but always fails at following proper instructions.

Other nicknames that Mud has used include: Zzyzzx, Spiny and Borfes.

Other nicknames that Mud has been called include: Borfestering, Borf! Borf!, Barfes, Vorfece, Vorefes, Mudsless, Mudpid, Mudberty, Shabs, Shaberino, Shabaroni and Cheese, Rapmaster Shabs, and Shabsol.



Mud seems to be obsessed with Monster Hunter. He seems to like Touhou, a danmaku (bullet hell) game within the curtain shooter genre. However, he is not PART of the terrible fanbase of Touhou.

Recently, he has gotten into watching some anime as well.


Mud is known to mostly hack Monster Hunter Tri. He has a current hack that is (currently) frozen (again) and is called: Monster Hunter Tri, Australian Edition. The main gimmick is that you don't play it, while others insist that you should, but you ignore them because you hate fun. He is currently busy, but only for a short time, because he has other things that are keeping him occupied at present time.


Mud is thrilled whenever people come to talk to him about their personal life. He is known to give terrible personal advice when needed, so if you have something on your chest and want to get it out, please consider talking to Mud as he will most of the time be free to share advice.

Mud has relations with other users/moderators on SMW Central. One such person has the username Blumiere. He is Mud's cousin, and they often meet up at another cousin's house. That other cousin is also a Yoshi's Island hacker, but he is not registered at SMW Central. Another person with external relations to Mud is Desert-Fox, they met up at a McDonalds and have become butt-buddies.

Mud is rumored to be having affairs with Desert-Fox.


If you come often enough to the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you will be fond of "amospeak". amospeak is considered to be a made-up language created by a fellow user named Amos, and Mud is his co-founder. It consists of the following:

:<>: = amosad/sadface :><: = gladmos/gladface >:> = cheekyface >:< = madmos/madface.
><> = fis ><)))))'> = bas/blindbas ><)))))))^o> = sark ><)))))'>---- = sordfis.
Meep = Highlighted/Alerted :<< = Mega sad face :>> = Mega happy face.
:<<< = Ultra Mega sad face (permission required by channel OPS before use.
Profanities D: = When being sworn at or see a swear word. :

If you have not noticed, amospeak has also been partially spread around in the SMW Central. Perhaps you should begin using it.

Note, will add more later... when less busy.:
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