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Also known as

Pinci,Pin Head.



Knows of

Porting music,a bit of ASM,making graphics and HDMA.

Join date

2011-11-18 07:13:59 PM


29/06/1999 [Day/Month/Year]

Known For

Bein' Annoying

Mrpinci19 (AKA Pinci) is known for being anoyying and submitting ports to the .spc Showoff thread but the most of them never gets submitted to the page. He tried a bit of ASM,but failed,and he created HDMA effects that probably will be in his next hack. Also he likes Anime (very much!),games,trolling(that's why he's annoying) and retarded videos.



In the year 2008,watching retarded videos on Youtube,he suddenly encounters a video named Super Sonikku World - Castle 1? by Sonikku Later,he decided to make his own hack,but he failed.He didn't even know how to insert ExGFX. Years later in 2011 he decides to register on SMWCentral.


He made 2 hacks:

  • Pinci's adventure.
  • The legendary super Power Star

Pinci's adventure got cancelled due the consecuences of a virus that killed the Romhack. The legendary super Power Star is inthe making,he probably will remake the hack due to some Unfixeable bugs.

Current plot of "The legendary super Power Star"

"There was a big energy,that was the Super Power Star,that Star created every existence on this planet,if that star falls into evil hands,the planet probably will be destroyed"

Fun Facts + Misc. Info

  • He hates school.
  • His teacher about music porting was MaxodeX.
  • He hates pitch bending when porting.
  • He loves retarded videos (mostly Youtube Poops and Gmod videos)
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