Morton's Castle

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Super Mario World Level
Morton's Castle
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 7, E5, E6, E7, E8
Notes Second boss level
Vanilla Dome 1
Donut Plains 4
Morton's Castle
List of Levels

Morton's Castle is the 6th and last level in Donut Plains, it's also the second castle level in the game.


The level stars in a small room with conveyor stairs, the player has to go up the stairs while dodging some Ball 'n' Chains and Thwimps to reach the door; there's also a hidden Pipe that can only be accesses with a leading to a Bonus Game. In the second room, the player has to move from right to left (and not from left to right like in most of the levels), this level contains stair-shaped ground and the player most go up while he/she avoids the falling Thwomps and the lava pit; at the top of the room there is another door. The third room is a vertical level with a horizontally scrolling Layer 2; once again the player has to have his/her way up with the help of the layer 2, at the top of this room there is a boss door that leads to a battle with Morton Koopa Jr.

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