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SMW Central User #12473
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Username: Moose
Join Date: Sep. 27, 2010
Age: 15
DOB: Jun. 30, 1996
Location: Virginia
Knows of: Music porting

Moose is a relatively new user on SMW Central. His username comes from the name of a cartoon character he came up with in 2006, and finally joined the site when he felt he had something to offer. He considers himself slightly eccentric.

Hacking Status

At this moment, Moose has not released a hack and probably never will, due to his mediocre level design and inability to make a decent OW. He has come up with several story ideas but has kept most to himself. His only contributions to the site consist of various music ports, arrangements and compositions. Just recently, he has learned how to use sample banks to their full potential.


Moose has a wide variety of interests, particularly in music. His favorites are classical and J-pop. He also enjoys watching TV and playing video games. He aims to become a film score writer when he grows up.

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