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Monty Moles in a forest. This isn't their usual habitat, though.

Monty Moles are a common class of enemies often found in rocky levels, although their debut was in a forest. They look, as their name implies, like moles, and they even pop out of the ground when Mario comes near. There are a total of four different types of Monty Moles. There are two main types, one jumps out of the ground and one jumps out of the dirt. Both of these types then either follow Mario or walk with a hop depending on their initial X position. If they jump out of a ledge, they will leave behind a Monty Mole-shaped hole.

Monty Moles first appear in Yoshi's Island 2. They then appeared in Cookie Mountain.

Although this enemy's proper debut was in SMW1, Monty Moles known as Rocky Wrenches appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Hacking Information

  • Sprite 4D is a Monty Mole that appears from the top of the ground, while Sprite 4E is a Monty Mole that appears from underground. Depending on their X position, they will either walk constantly in one direction with the occasional hop or follow Mario around. They're part of the Pokey tileset and require SP4 to be set to GFX09.
  • Also, you need to use the Normal 1 or Normal 2 tileset if you plan on using sprite 4E, as this sprite leaves behind a hole in the ground that will only show up properly in those tilesets. The graphics for the hole require FG3 to point to GFX15.
  • If you want to use sprite 4E in another tileset, you have to edit tile C6 in the Map16 editor and make an ExGFX file that replaces tiles 1C3, 1C4, 1D3, and 1D4 with the Monty Mole hole. You may also have to tweak the palettes in YY-CHR to get it just right. For example, editing GFX18 (FG3 for the Underground 1, 2, and 3 tilesets) to have a Monty Mole hole causes palette weirdness when used as-is.
  • Graphics data for the actual Monty Mole itself:
    • The first walking frame is stored at tiles 2, 3, 12, and 13.
    • The second walking frame is stored at 4, 5, 14, and 15.
    • The break-out frame is at 6, 7, 16, and 17.
    • Tiles 8 and 9 have the dirt clod for sprite 4D.
    • Tiles C, D, 1C, and 1D are the dirt clod for sprite 4E.
  • On the Yoshi's Island submap, Monty Moles take longer to break out than everywhere else.

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