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Also known as

Jared, Molten, Snow, MolSno



Knows of

Levels, Overworld, Addmusic, editing GFX, ExGFX, Map16, Hex, and SpriteTool

Join date

November 17, 2009


January 9, 1998

Known For

Owning #radbusiness

Moltensnow, also known as Jared, is an average user, and very active. He is a 14 year old boy living in the northeastern area of the United States. He has made over 3,000 posts, and is active in most forums.


Before SMWC

Before he joined SMWCentral, moltensnow wanted to create video games. But he had no experience or knowledge of how to do so. When his friend showed him protonjon's Super Kaizo World video, he became interested in Super Mario World Hacking. So upon trying to learn more about Lunar Magic, and how he can use it, he came across SMWCentral.

Life on SMWC

On SMWCentral, moltensnow is one of the most active users and logs on frequently throughout each day. He usually posts in most forums.

Personal Life

Outside the internet, Jared is a somewhat social person, and tries to be friends with people, as long as they don't act like a jerk to him. He is a straight-A student in school, and the teachers usually have nothing but good things to say about him.


Super J Word

Super J Word is an unfinished hack made by moltensnow. It is his first hack and was blatant level edits and no overworld.

Jared World Is Super

Moltensnow's worst hack. This hack is the hack that showed up most in the hack removal log. It is unfinished and will never be worked on again. Dragonite has made many claims of a sequel called "Jared World is Super 2: ADHD Edition", but these claims are jokes.

Mario in Iggy Land

Main article: Mario in Iggy Land

Mario in Iggy Land is a bad vanilla hack by Moltensnow. The levels were well designed, but "boring as hell", according to hack moderators.

Mario in Morton Desert

Main article: Mario in Morton Desert

Mario in Morton Desert is another bad hack by Moltensnow. Even though it was short and boring, it was accepted.

Mario in the Lemmy Sea

Main article: Mario in the Lemmy Sea

Mario in the Lemmy Sea is bettter than the first two games of the series, but is still bad. The series was cancelled.

Mario's Epic Adventure

Main article: Mario's Epic Adventure

Yoshi's Mission

Main article: Yoshi's Mission

Yoshi's Mission is a hack starring Yoshi. It was a prequel to Mario's Epic Adventure. However, it was cancelled.

The Frozen Volcano Collab

The Frozen Volcano Collab was a hack led by moltensnow for his board, The Frozen Volcano. It is the first collab moltensnow has ever lead that actually made progress, and has several supporters. Its co-leaders were Dragonite and Mario's Personal Agent. However, due to fading support and lack of interest, it was cancelled.


Main article: COLORS

COLORS is a hack whose primary gimmick is the fact that every object and sprite in the game only uses one color. It is a short hack moltensnow created primarily to teach people to think creatively instead of being generic with hacks.

Fun facts

  • Moltensnow's 500th and 1,000th posts were in his hack thread.
  • Moltensnow's 2000th post was posted 1 second late of his 1 year anniversary on SMWC.
  • Moltensnow fixed most of the grammar mistakes on russsrox11's wiki page.
  • Moltensnow is older than mockingod by 5 months and 2 days.

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