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Mini_Coin's SMWC id is 17750. That's about it.


Also known as

Big_Coin (nicknamed by MaxodeX on the IRC)



Knows of

SMW Hacking

Join date



March 10th 2000

Known For

Lurking, Making a hack, Being random


General Information

Mini_Coin is just your average person on SMWC, looking around for secrets. His username is Coin General on Dimension Project and Mini Coin on Global Pokédex Plus.


Early days

Back when Mini_Coin was still a n00b, all he usually did was answer simple questions on the General Hacking Help forum like "how do i insert ze gfx?" and such. While lurking, Mini_Coin found a user named Giant_Shyguy (Later known as Giant Shy Guy) making a hack called Super Mario: Bowser World. However, All Mini_Coin really did was comment and offer advice.

The Coin's Adventure


Original Update

This update was created on December 11th, 2011. It was the first thread so far.

V1.1 update post

This update will release new stuff, and maybe even more. As for now, it's a secret.
It was released August 15, 2012.


This wikipage

This wikipage was created solely by Mini_Coin himself, because he knows more about himself than you do. Note that this page is still far from complete and will be extended further to include more information.


Mini_Coin is a Brony. His favorite pony is Fluttershy, and his Bronyland Personality Quiz says he is Rainbow Dash.

External Links

Dimension Project
Global Pokédex Plus

Famous Activity

Famous Quotes

Mini_Coin hasn't truly made one, however, he did post an image on the FoS of which MaxodeX commented on saying "The ground is glitchy."

Misc. Events

° Be the 200 Millionth viewer.
• Fresh Orange Slices (restricted topic)


• Intrestingly enough, the hack Mini_Coin is working on is about a coin, similar to his username.

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